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April 2021: Simplifying Stress

 April 2021




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Remodeling Tips for Empty Nesters


When children spread their newly-adult wings and leave the nest, you may experience stressful strong, conflicting feelings as you enter a new life phase. While you’re excited for your children as they craft their own lives, you’ll find a shift in both your daily activities and your living space. While your home will always be their home, you can experience joy by renovating vacated spaces like bedrooms into something special as you transform your new life.


Learn how to simplify this stressful moment with a plan perfect for the empty nest.




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As life happens, we cycle through different necessities, wants and uses of space. No matter where you are in life, at some point you may realize you’ve ended up with too much stuff. And the idea of going through it all to decide what should stay and what should go can be frustratingly stressful. You can simplify the task of sorting through it all by taking it one step at a time with the tips in this blog.





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